Day One: Book Related Confessions

“If you are feeling the blogging doldrums like I am, I hope this helps to pull you out and give you some focus.”

April at Good Books and Good Wine

 April at Good Books and Good Wine has come up with a 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge as a way to get out of blogging doldrums. Well, actually, she did this last July. As my blogging doldrums stretch out into September this seemed like a good opportunity to refocus and restart the habit. Day One is book related confessions. Here are mine:

I never read the Introduction.

My favorite way to read a book is in one sitting, even long ones. However, I rarely have the chance to do this anymore.

I cannot read one book at a time. In any given week I’m making progress on half a dozen books and have a “waiting to get back to” pile of at least twice that. In fact I’m almost finished reading Schopenhauer’s Fourfold Root of Sufficient Reason, which I started in May of 2009. I may have to start that one over.

We live in a culture where we express our approval and affinity by making purchases. I have to make a conscious effort to not buy additional copies of Thucydides at used book sales.

Proust’s Recherché and Tolstoy’s War and Peace are two of my favorite books. The first time I read them I skipped over most of the plot so that I could get to the “boring parts” which I read over and over.

After many attempts I still don’t like Jane Austen. But I haven’t given up yet. I keep thinking when I’m older and more mature it will all make sense to me.

I am highly suspicious of anyone who writes novels and is still alive. In my experience that is a bad combination and it rarely works out well.

When someone asks for a good book to take to the beach the first thing that comes to mind is Wittgenstein.

Wittgenstein on the Beach

Wittgenstein on the Beach


~ by severalfourmany on September 9, 2013.

3 Responses to “Day One: Book Related Confessions”

  1. According to my Kindle I’m at 12% of War and Peace. It’s a bear of a book. I also rotate my reads: paperback fiction, philosophy, history.

  2. I actually skipped the last chapters of second epilogue of War & Peace. And as for Jane Austen, I still haven’t convinced to read any of her book.

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