Writing & Fighting From the Army of Northern Virginia

William B. Styple -Writing and Fighting

With his Writing & Fighting From the Army of Northern Virginia: A Collection of Confederate Soldier Correspondence, William B. Styple has put together a great resource for those interested in the Civil War. It is chronologically ordered collection of hard to find letters written by soldiers in the field for publication in their hometown newspapers. Many of these papers have not been well preserved or collected. Styple provides a real treat by tracking down the original newspapers and editing them into this delightful collection. These are not the well rehearsed and self-serving memoirs written years or decades later, but soldiers telling their opinions and perspectives in the moment and from the field. Provides a very spontaneous and different perspective than the one we often receive. I particularly appreciate one Confederate soldier’s enthusiastic and optimistic letter written just after the battle of Gettysburg. He had no sense of a great defeat, a turning point or the high water mark that we often use to today describe the battle. A very enjoyable read!


~ by severalfourmany on July 10, 2013.

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