Eclectic American Architecture


from Samuel Fisk’s “Studies in Architecture” Springfield Republican

” There is a good deal of variety in the style of army architecture. My own building is a severe classic, without ornament, rather low and heavy, inclining to the Doric, or perhaps even to the Egyptian order. But we have specimens of the airiest, most fantastic Gothics, of the tasteful Corinthian capitals, of fluted Ionic columns, of Moorish arches and Arabesque ornaments, of the Chinese pagoda roofing, of the ‘ a la catacomb ‘ excavations. One of my neighbor’s is nearly on the model, on a somewhat smaller scale, to be sure, of the Athenian Parthenon; yet I presume the idea of imitating the proportions of that ancient structure never entered his mind. Some model after a heathen temple, some after a Yankee woodshed, some after an Indian wigwam, and some after a woodchuck’s hole. But the Hottentot style of architecture, on the whole, it must be confessed, prevails over every other; and for every kind of structure that can rise out of Mother Earth, that can be created from Virginia mud, with some ribs and framework of logs, let me commend you to this whole region round about. I couldn’t do full justice to the subject, however, in a dozen letters ; so I may as well stop in one place as another.”

“The parlor, sitting-room, dining-room, and library are so arranged as to be easily thrown together into one apartment. The sleeping-rooms are well ventilated; and, to be brief, the whole forms a snug tenement for a family of suitable size, such as is rarely to be found, and I might add, if you wont charge this as an advertisement, could be rented on easy terms, with a limited amount of furniture, as the owner is thinking of moving to Richmond.”

reprinted in Samuel Fisk, Mr. Dunn Browne’s Experiences in the Army, pp. 8-9



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