Classics Spin

The Classics Club has created a “Classics Spin” for the next six weeks through the end of March. Everyone creates a numbered list of twenty classics and one will be chosen to be read before April 1. I was hoping that people would try to coordinate their lists so that at least some of us would be reading the same books. However, despite the large number of Anna Kareninas, Pride and Prejudices, Don Quixote and On the Roads none of them lined up with same numbers (i.e., no two people will be reading Don Quixote). As my goal is to try and do more social reading I have picked my list mostly from the other lists posted so there is at least a 60% I will be reading a book along with at least one other person. Complete rules and links are available here.

1. Nerval-Sylvie
2. Xenophon-Education of Cyrus
3. Austen-Sense and Sensibility (A Horse and a Carrot)
4. Schiller-Wilhelm Tell
5. Celine-Jouney to the End of Night
6. Lispector-Agua Viva
7. Washington-Up From Slavery (Wandering the Stacks)
8. Emerson-Collected Essays (Classics Club)
9. Shakespeare-Richard III (Classics Club)
10. Nabokov-Pale Fire (Wandering the Stacks)
11. Flaubert-Salambo
12. Burgess-A Clockwork Orange (A Horse and a Carrot)
13. Darwin-Origin of Species (A Horse and a Carrot)
14. Proust-Contre Sainte-Beuve
15. Dostoevsky-Crime and Punishment (A Horse and a Carrot)
16. Mill-On Liberty
17. Shakespeare-The Tempest (Classics Club)
18. The Diary of Anne Frank (Classics Club)
19. Nabokov-Lolita (My Random Bookshelf)
20. Balzac-Pere Goriot (All Things Booker)

~ by severalfourmany on February 15, 2013.

7 Responses to “Classics Spin”

  1. Oh, that was a good idea! Wish I would have thought of it. If you don’t end up reading along with someone else, we’ll have to coordinate a readalong soon.

    • I mentioned the idea in the comments section earlier this week but I don’t think anyone saw it. That would be fun to coordinate a readalong. We should do that anyway. And if they pick #7 or #10 we can have our own mini-readalong!

  2. Wow you’ve got some toughies on that list! Good luck

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  5. […] for Classic’s Spin 2! Last March when The Classic’s Club held their first Classic’s Spin I tried to make it more social and interactive by populating most of my list with books that other bloggers had placed on their list. Number 14 […]

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