Good now, some excellent fortune!

Good now, some excellent fortune! Let me be married
to three kings in a forenoon, and widow them all:
let me have a child at fifty, to whom Herod of Jewry
may do homage: find me to marry me with Octavius
Caesar, and companion me with my mistress.
—Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra I:ii

This  passage in the comic exchange between Charmian and the Soothsayer appears to us to be referring to the birth of Jesus, the three kings/magi and Herod’s massacre of  innocents. A bit of soothsaying on Charmian’s part as none of this will happen for another quarter century. However, it is more likely referring to Cleopatra herself who has married and widowed three kings (Ptolemy XIII, Ptolemy XIV & Julius Caesar). Also, Herod married and had a two children with Cleopatra of Jerusalem (who may or may not be Cleopatra VII) but that too is in the future.


~ by severalfourmany on November 22, 2012.

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