But is it true?

“Herbert Spencer has created a very subtle, clever and elaborate philosophy  in his ten volume A System of Synthetic Philosophy.”

“Yes, but is it true? What is the point in reading those ten volumes if they are wrong?”

Does that question even make sense? Shouldn’t we view philosophy as a virtuosic performance to be regarded for it’s aesthetic qualities? Do we ask if the performances of Tom Brady, Elīna Garanča and Merrit Moore are true? Are they less valuable if they are not? We have no trouble watching Tom Brady week after week. Garanča thrills because she brings a new intensity to a familiar character. Merrit Moore’s grace, flexibility and athleticism are appreciated for their own qualities. The moves made to resolve conceptual issues and problems are no less exciting than those made by Brady, Garanča or Moore and perhaps should be appreciated as such. Truth is no more applicable in the case of Spencer than it is in the case of Garanča. Why do we feel the need to limit ourselves to only one true philosophy but are open to, and even desire, multiple performances and new interpretations of Carmen?


~ by severalfourmany on October 6, 2012.

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