“More confused than you have ever been”

Innis House, Fredericksburg, Virginia

“At the last stop of our tour we will spend four and half minutes that will leave you more confused than you ever have been at any other historical site. And that is a good thing.”

Jake Struhelka

As a tourist, all too often you are presented with warmed over conventional wisdom, platitudes, clichés and tales of dubious provenance selected for their entertainment value. Jake provided an excellent tour of the sunken road section of the Fredericksburg battlefield. Best of all he was not afraid to venture beyond our rigid conception of storytelling and present information that might be troublesome, inconsistent or challenging to our accepted ideas. We were left with a sense that the world is complex, requires effort to understand and that people and events don’t always fit into the neat categories we want them to.


~ by severalfourmany on May 22, 2011.

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