Diplomatic alternatives

Mon Aug 10 10:03:18 2009
After the Battle of Hydaspes River, Alexander restored Porus as king and even added to his territory. They are said to have been strong allies, some sources even credit Porus with fighting along side of Alexander. Was this battle even necessary? Could Alexander have forged this alliance without fighting and continued his conquests without the high cost to his men and their morale?

Certainly there were other options. Omphis, aka. Taxiles who fought with Alexander at Hydaspes River, is one example (Curtius Rufus 8.12, Arrian 4.22-23). However, that alliance may have created the need for the battle—as Omphis and Porus were enemies and at war. Yet Alexander leaves the two previous enemies as good friends and allies (Curtius Rufus 9.3, Arrian 5.20).


~ by severalfourmany on August 10, 2009.

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