Something Stupid

Mon 9/22/08 8:03 PM
I find Eric Alterman’s recent article “Something Stupid” in The Nation ( to be completely exasperating. First of all for the obvious problem that we see time and again with mainstream media but even more so that he ruins what might have been perfectly good criticism by being a complete idiot himself. Without the hyperbole there was some degree of truth in what he said:

“So Mr. Smartypants was in reality asking Palin if she supports the mass murder of millions of Iranians, along with the likely counterattacks against Israel and the United States all over the world because of something we can all agree Israelis already feel. And Palin said yes. Twice. And Gibson, failing to understand his own question, let that go. (God forbid anyone in Iran or anywhere else takes this nutty conversation seriously…)”

But he exaggerated to the point of making it a) false, b) unbelievable even if true and c) losing his own credibility on this point as well as his legitimate criticism. Not to mention that it was completely unnecessary and utterly irrelevant to the important argument he was making.


~ by severalfourmany on September 22, 2008.

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