Impact of Iraq war?‏

Fri 9/19/08 8:10 PM
Here is a set of charts that shows the recent decline of newspaper readership.

The last two charts are very interesting. If the data is correct (which I have my doubts) and my interpretation reasonable (you never know) it tells a very strange story. 9-11 held off a continuing decline of newspaper readership for almost all the US. The rate of decline resumed around the start of the Iraq War for everyone except those with graduate degrees. Only for those with graduate degrees the rate of newspaper readership went way up (10%). Less than 9% of the US population holds a graduate degree so the 10% increase is lost in the continuing decline of the other 91% (the charts at the top show no sign of the increase).

Could this be correct? Is it possible that only the most educated are paying attention to Iraq? Or is there some other strange fascination for newspapers in this group? Can they really that different that people with undergraduate degrees and even some with post-graduate degrees? Why? How?


~ by severalfourmany on September 19, 2008.

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