Getting Results

Tue 8/19/08 1:51 PM
It has been suggested that Shenkman may have greater impact than Bauerlein because he is less condescending and more compatible with current public discourse and that it may be more appropriate to pragmatically evaluate a writer by their results rather than by their methodology.

It is a good argument with much to recommend it. But then I deal with pragmatic questions, and get results, every single day. I work for an advertising agency and that is what we do for a living. McDonald’s, ADM, Coca-Cola, and Microsoft are far more influential than Shenkman, Bauerlein, Habermas and Luhmann may ever be—they are certainly more compatible with current public discourse. Advertising speaks with a voice that is the most compatible with current public discourse—it is current public discourse. Unfortunately, that often means communication that is irrational, emotional, visual and narcissistic. I can get results. I can even measure, test, evaluate and optimize the results in real time. I just don’t think those are always the kind of results the world needs for every situation. That’s why it matters to me.


~ by severalfourmany on August 19, 2008.

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