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Fri, Aug 15, 2008 at 1:58 PM,
While I avoid TV, newspapers and most magazines I don’t feel particularly uninformed. This could be a complete delusion and would be curious if there is a way to test this. How would one go about quantitatively testing and evaluating how well-informed a person is?

There are certainly many things I am completely oblivious to. But I am not sure if it is a problem or an asset. I just learned that Felicity Huffman, an excellent actress that I have enjoyed seeing on the stage, is famous for her role in the TV show Desperate Housewives which has been on the air for more than 4 years now. Interesting to know. Probably explains why she has not been doing much theater lately. Does it really matter to me?

My lack of information did not prevent me from being one of the few in this country to immediately see the problems with the Bush case for war, nor did it stop me from participating in protests, signing petitions and writing letters. Could there be a connection here?

There is entertainment value in reading the news, although I suspect most people miss the irony. I ran across this while looking for the Latest News from CNN below: “President Bush says Cold War is over, intimidation not acceptable. Bush said Russia’s invasion of Georgia in recent days has “damaged its credibility.”” This is pretty funny, but I suspect that most people don’t get the joke. Do you think the journalist did this intentionally or did he miss it too?

Below is the Latest News from CNN. How much of this trivia do I really need to know to be informed? How much am I better off not knowing about at all? I know that CNN not “quality” news, but then I am not sure what is. And the few items that qualify as my idea of real news are so badly reported that they are almost more confusing than not reading them (e.g. the reporting on South Ossetia from a few days ago).

Latest News
Georgia signs cease-fire with Russia
Beck: Russian bombs’ message for America
Shot in eye, reporter prays as bullets fly
Obama plan called ‘economic disaster’
Analysis: Values voters will have their say
Pilot said Obama plane had ’emergency’
Overdraft protection a raw deal
Dem leader’s name on shooter’s note, police say
Boy, 3, tried to save self from heat
Death of New Year’s baby shatters family
Tot’s grandpa yells after death question
Is that a Bigfoot carcass in the freezer?
Lohan ticked off at kid sis implant rumors
Checkpoint-friendly computer bags set for debut Are you overworked?
Size 4 teen model called too ‘obese’
He gave her an STD — she sues for $25M
Georgia pullout from Iraq being…
How Olympic athletes get their fuel
MTV Awards once again to include Britney
The ugly side of beauty


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