Technical Solutions to Ethical Problems

Mon 7/28/08 3:09 PM
Herschel Eliot argues that technology cannot and will not solve ethical problems. I agree in principle, but not in practice. I agree that waiting/hoping/believing in some technological invention that will fix our problems is just a distraction from what needs to be done. Sure, it needs to be part of solution. I don’t think we can get there without it. But it is not going to solve the main problems.

From my perspective the majority of human interaction is going to become, in some way or other, technological. Changing political systems, reproductive behavior, patterns of consumption, values and goals, personal and social motivations—all these facets of human life will require some kind of technological assistance to be fast, efficient and effective.

The technology that can help to solve these problems is not an invention that provides unlimited sources of new wasteful behavior, but provides a way of communicating, shaping behavior and building support for and commitment to new and better values.


~ by severalfourmany on July 28, 2008.

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