American Way of Amnesia

Sat Jun 7 11:09:45 2008
Most U.S. military conflicts since the Korean War have had somewhat ambiguous goals. Americans may have to get used to it but it is not a new concept. The list of limited conflicts, interventions, police actions, punishments and peace-keeping is long but frequently forgotten (to name just a few: Korea 1871; Samoa 1899; China 1900; Philippines 1899-1902; Mexico 1847-8 1914, 1916; Russia 1918-20; Honduras, 1924; Nicaragua 1912, 1926; not to mention the almost constant presence for many years in Haiti, Santo Domingo/Dom Rep, Cuba, Columbia/Panama, and well, Puerto Rico). I think the real question is why we these military actions so quickly fade from memory. There is a monument in my neighborhood that commemorates the brave soldiers from small town Everett, Mass. that died in the Philippines in the early years of the last century. I wonder if Iraq will have the same lack of impact in a few generations. The American Way of War seems to be an American Way of Amnesia.


~ by severalfourmany on June 7, 2008.

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