The Crusades: Runciman

Runciman’s The First Crusade was a very enjoyable read. It has certainly raised my interest in his full three volume A History of the Crusades. I am curious how similar his shorter description of the first Crusade compares to the full version. From what I remember when I saw them years ago there is much, much more in the larger set. I know I really missed having all the notes. It is clear that he refers to both Latin and Greek sources but I wonder if he had access to and used any Arab/Turk/Islamic sources as well.

I can see why historians would be attracted to this period. There is such a wealth of information, especially compared with the preceding periods. And the fact that many events are well documented from multiple and conflicting points of view leaves a lot of room for interpretation and intuition


~ by severalfourmany on February 16, 2008.

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