Sacred Opera

Aug 29, 2007 10:59 am
Sacred Opera most typically refers to the early 17th Century Italian “sacra rappresentatione.” The most famous is Cavalieri’s Rappresentatione di Anima et di Corpo, but there were many others including: Landi-Sant’Alessio, Salvadori-Giuditta, Mazzocchi-Sant’Eustachio, Mazzocchi-Il martirio de’ Santi Abundio, Marrazzoli-La Vita Humana, Abbattini-La Baltasara, Andreini- L’Adamo, and Agazzari-Eumelio.

The late 17th Century saw Charpentier’s two tragédie biblique. Celse Martyr has been lost, but there are good recordings of David et Jonathas.

In 19th Century and 20th Century there are several examples, although they are better described as secular operas on biblical themes than as operas with sacred purpose or intent. Some examples would be Rubenstein-Christus, Richard Strauss-Salome, Rossini-Moses, Wagner-Parsifal, Puccini-Suor Angelica, Saint-Saens-Samson et Dalila and Messiaen-Saint François d’Assise.


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