Met Intermission Drivel

Mar 5, 2007
I’m afraid I was never all that fond of Margaret Juntwaite. On her own she seems frivolous and empty but paired with some of her guests I find I cannot bear to listen. I had been listening to the Met broadcasts almost every week since the mid-1970’s but now find I am rarely listening, even though I subscribed to Sirius just so that I could tune in three or four times a week.

Whenever the intermission features come on I try to keep the station on but cannot bear the senseless chatter. I end up turning it off, intending to return but then never do. I suspect it is their attempt to introduce opera to the TV and pop music crowd. I hope it works for them, but they are losing me as a listener. I have been tuning in to Oestereich 1 or Musique 3 where the music lately has been better and the intermission features far more sensible.


~ by severalfourmany on March 5, 2007.

One Response to “Met Intermission Drivel”

  1. I am disturbed by this new trend of partnering Margaret Juntwaite with obnoxious male “expert” announcers, apparently to “help” her get through the broadcast since she is (I imply) just a poor lil’ girl who don’t know nothin’ bout birthin’ no opera. She was doing just fine on her own; last week’s male “expert” was just a shade less obnoxious than this week’s; and I neither appreciated nor enjoyed hearing their whiny and thoroughly unprofessional voices trying to do an announcer’s job.

    More to the point, since so many of Mr. Gelb’s ideas have worked out so well, I fail to see how a newbie listening to such drivel could work up an enthusiasm for opera. I know if it were me, even forty years ago when I was just getting into it, I’d have turned the radio off before the first downbeat if I heard anything this bad oozing our of my speakers.

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