Books on Puccini

Oct 21, 2005
I always like the Osborne books on opera composers (Verdi, Strauss, Mozart, and Bel Canto). They are organized around the individual operas—so they concentrate on the music and provide relevant biographical details. They provide a great introduction to a composers work or also work well for reference if you only want to know about a particular opera.

The Complete Operas of Puccini: A Critical Guide by Charles Osborne

The Master Musician series is usually broken down into Life and Work sections as is the case with Budden’s Puccini. Much more in-depth than Osborne, it is a good book if you want a full biography or more detail and analysis of the operas, especially the important ones.

Puccini: His Life and Works by Julian Budden

If you want a detailed biography there is a recent one by Mary Jane Phillips-Matz. This, of course, concentrates on Puccini’s life rather than his operas. There is little in the way of musical analysis but it does refer to the operas constantly as that is the central theme of Puccini’s life.

Puccini: A Biography by Mary Jane Phillips-Matz


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