Bowling with Bonita

“They rushed down the street together, digging every thing in the early way they had … They danced down the streets like dingledodies, and I stumbled after as I’ve been doing all my life after people who interest me, because the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything …”

Jack Kerouac, On the Road

I don’t know how this started or why I was at Bonita’s sister’s apartment so early in the morning. These things were never planned and we never really had any idea what we were going to do. Things just seemed to happen to us. It took no effort or intention.

I met Bonita at her sister’s apartment in North Minneapolis

We started the day with Bloody Mary’s and Vodka Martinis.

[Calhouns logo]

The Wedding

We crashed a wedding reception at the Calhoun Beach Club for a short while.


The Bride and one of her attendants.


The Lake

Bonita and Lake Calhoun

Legs and Feet


We then went out to the bowling alley for some fun and excitement and—oh yeah—we also went bowling…
[photo: Jim]

[photo: Bonita & lipstick]
[napkin with lipstick]

[bowling scores]

[photo: Jim bowling]
We confimed the axiom that bowling scores increase somewhat proportionally to the volume of alcohol consumed.
[photo: Bonita bowling]

But unfortunately alcohol consumption seems to be inversely proportional to photographic results, hence the missing role of film documenting our delightful adventure at Rainbow Foods and the subsequent angel hair pasta dinner.
[Kodak Tri-X pan 400 box]

Much of the rest of the evening was spent moving back and forth between Water’s and Runyon’s.
[photo: Jim & Bonita]

Wendy Sotebeer and friends


[Killian’s Red table card]

[photo: bartender]
Our Bartender
[photo: bartender]

[photo strip: Bonita and Denyce]
Bonita with Denyce

[photo strip: Bonita]
Bonita without Denyce

[photo: out of focus]

Unknown out-of-focus man with Bonita

Denyce with Jim
[photo: Denyce with Jim]

[photo: Denyce at bar]

Jim & Bonita


[photo: group shot]
Group shot

Café Debris

Café Debris was the Minneapolis version of a speakeasy. Since the bars all closed at 1 am people needed a place to go and drink and dance. It would move from place to place each week to help avoic the police. You were allowed in by invitation, pass-word, or by being a friend of a friend of somebody. Once inside you could drink, dance and socialize until dawn or until the police came and shut the place down.

Karen Lapinski and Bill Roberts

Jeff Johnson and Karen Ringsat

Kasha and David


Jim and Renae Anderson


Post Script

After a while I noticed that I could not find Bonita. I kept an eye out for her but did not see her. It seems she had gone outside to throw up and some gallant gentleman saw her and took her home. Not long after the police arrived. This was great entertainment. Several people were sufficiently drunk to not be able to take the matter with any seriousness and this led to a humorous exchange with the officers while the owners scrambled to hide the cash box and the price lists for drinks. The police chased all but a few principles out and everyone went home.

I wandered home through the early morning streets of downtown Minneapolis. It was quiet and still and the air was cool. If you looked up over the buildings you could still see the stars.


[26 Marbled end paper]


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